Dog Training

Dogs, like children, learn and grow from positive reinforcement and consistent training.  We can help you turn that sweet – but wild – puppy into a well behaved dog that you’ll be proud to own.  At Wiggle Butts & Waggin’ Tails your canine companion will get the positive reinforcement he or she needs to be the dog you’ve dreamed of owning.

Our obedience training for puppies and adult dogs produces smart and good looking graduates.

Puppy Obedience Training:  Puppies in our puppy training classes learn simple commands like sit, stay, come and no.  During the multi week course we help you prepare your puppy for the best life a dog can have.  Your puppy will learn basic doggy manners, how to socialize and how to walk with you properly. Prepare that adorable puppy to be a charming adult!

Basic Obedience Training for Adult Dogs: Not every dog has the benefit of puppy training. With basic obedience training any dog can learn impulse control (I’ve got to chase that squirrel now!) and good basic manners.  Our focus is on teaching your dog to listen to you, to walk comfortably with you (no leash pulling) and other basics that make life better for you and your dog.

Bird Dog Training:  Sporting breeds are born to hunt but without training they can’t maximize the experience – nor can you.  Dave has been training bird dogs for upland and waterfowl hunting for 40 years. His experience will make your beloved pet a strong hunter as well. 

Follow this link to see our bird dog training videos.

Key for great hunting is a gun dog that has been introduced to the basics of obedience and who has also been adjusted to shooting, trained to scent and mark birds, and schooled in retrieving for both upland and waterfowl hunting.  Because we understand that bird hunting styles differ between different breeds we adapt our training to the dog, focusing on what will bring the best success.

Dog training is offered several different ways.  You can choose to have your dog board with us during the training periods, come for day training or have private lessons. 

We offer training to help you get the dog you desire – obedient, reliable, a great companion and a great hunter. If you’ve been searching for “dog training near me” or “puppy training near me” we invite you to call us at 231-633-4601 to learn more about the training we have to offer.